Since the opening of the european domestic market on January 1, 1993 regulates the EU machinery directive the initial placing on the market and commissioning of machines in the european economic area. This guideline is binding for producer, representative and importer.

The CE-sign serves as symbol, that the products comply with the guidelines of the european union and are allowed to be introduced into the european marketing area. It is no seal of quality, but the producer declares, with the mounting of the CE-sign, the compliance of his product with all the valid rules and regulations.

IfS provides advice for companies at home and abroad since 1995.

We offer you assistance in the following fields:

Machinery and production line safety

  • We develop together with you safety concepts and implement these concepts if you desire with you worldwide.
  • You already have safety concepts and need a partner, who verifies the implementation of these concepts on your machinery? Of course even worldwide, including the US and Canada.

Import of machinery and production line into Europe

  • You would like to import machines into the European Union?
  • You would like to know, which regulations, norms and rules apply for your products?
  • You need support for the implementation of the european guidelines and norms?
  • You need support to perform risk assessments, instruction manuals or the technical documentations?
  • You would like to know, if your machine and production line complies with european regulations?

Benefit from our experience and know how.

We provide for you

  • Norm recherché investigation
  • Mechanical as well as electrical risk assessment
  • Instruction manuals or installation instructions
  • Declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation

We verify your

  • Risk assessment
  • Instruction manual or installation instructions
  • Technical documentation

In addition, we revise or update your existing documentations as well.

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